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What is Hookah?

Many people ask, what is hookah? The hookah definition is this: A hookah is a pipe which is used to smoke a specific type of tobacco called shisha. Shisha tobacco is a blend of fruit, tobacco and molasses. 

Hookah is different from cigarettes and pipe tobacco in that one does not actually inhale smoke, but rather steam vapor. The trick with the hookah is that you aren't actually combusting the tobacco, but are getting the shisha blend hot enough boil and release steam vapor. The tobacco gets just hot enough to release nicotine, but no tar or other chemicals are released, because you aren't combusting anything there is also no ash produced.  When smoking a hookah pipe a charcoal is used, as opossed to a flame. This is used because you need constant heat and matches or a lighter simply do not last long enough.

A hookah pipe from Egypt. The shisha is smoked out of the bowl, which is located on the top of the hookah.

Hookah Definition: An Egyptian water pipe used to smoke shisha tobacco.

hookah definition Hookah charcoal is used to ignite the shisha tobacco
shisha definition

Shisha is smoked out of the hookah pipe

Shisha Definition: Tobacco that is mixed with fruit and molasses. Shisha tobacco is so wet it must be smoked using hookah charcoal.

 hookah tobacco bowl What is a hookah tobacco bowl? A hookah bowl is used to smoke shisha tobacco. This bowl is placed on top of the hookah pipe.