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Getting the Best Hookah Flavor

There are several ways to enjoy your hookah. You can do it by smoking hookah in a specific café with friends or by doing it with your family. Maybe you can purchase your own full set of hookah and smoke it alone. Some people think that hookah smoking is similar to any tobacco smoking. However, it is far from the truth. Tobaccos that are used in hookah are generally well flavored to provide a unique sensation at the time of smoking.

Therefore, if you are looking to try some hookah smoking then you should try only the best and flavored tobacco. Usually the shisha flavors are made through mixing the long pieces of tobacco with sugar based syrup mixture and fruit extract. Therefore, when you smoke it, you can feel the flavor and taste that comes out through the hookah smoke. Moreover, when smoke gets filtered from the cold water of hookah, it comes out smooth and full of aroma.  Most hookah lounge uses ice water in the base for getting the ultimate cooling effect. 

As there are many different hookah flavors available in the market, a true hookah fan will love to try and appreciate some of them.

 One of the most popular shisha flavors is New Lime. As the name suggest, it has a unique lime flavor. This flavor is even more sour and acidic than lemon. Because of its strong flavor, it is highly preferred by people. The other one is orange Soda, which is also very strong. Other then this you may also taste an almost carbonated orange shisha flavor. However, if you are new to shisha smoking then you may wish to stay away from this, because it is a concentrated flavor. Normally an experienced hookah smoker love to have this type of flavor.

Now, if you’re just starting your hookah smoking then mild Tangiers tobacco such as Blue Gumball is best for you. This tobacco has an amazing strong blueberry taste with raspberry overtone. That is the reason, why it is known as gumball.  However, its flavor stays for more than just a usual fruity chewing gum. You can also try the hookah flavor Green Apple Candy that is amazingly sweet unlike the green apple. It also stays for long so that you can enjoy its luscious flavor. Now, if you looking for some milder one then ask for the lucid version.  You may also try some other hookah flavor such as Iced Peach Tea, Horchata, and many more. 

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