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Shisha Tobacco - Combination of Mystical Taste and Aroma

Shisha Tobacco - Combination of Mystical Taste and Aroma

So, are you ready to take complete pleasure out of your hookah smoking? But, the enjoyment is incomplete without smoking shisha tobacco through hookah pipes.

Originated from the streets of Egypt, Shisha is the most popular tradition in Arab culture. Its pleasurable smoke and aroma is very enticing & tempting. Shisha lounges as well as other hookah bars proffer large variety of flavors. Nowadays, this industry is flourishing very fast. There are various options for choosing the appropriate type of tobacco. So, you can select the one that can meet your needs and taste.

Shisha tobacco is totally different from the regular tobacco. It is wet and juicy due to the presence of molasses or honey. You can find this shisha in three types that include tobamel, jurak and tumbak. Tobamel comprises of treacle or honey along with essence. This tobamel is also referred as muessel that has a shelf life of 2 years. On the other hand, tumbak is the result of pure tobacco and composed of various alkaloids such as nicotine. The common variety of tumbak is known as ajamy. Apart from these two, jurak is made up of fruits and oils. You can take it as an intermediate between tobamel and tumbak.  

Shisha tobacco is moist and you need to heat it with hookah charcoal. Its effects are also different from cigarette smoking. Earlier, hookah lightning was considered an art. The vapors of this tobacco are very light and pleasant. There are more than 40 to 50 aromatic flavors that are available out of which you can make your own choice. It includes cherry, apple, apricot, watermelon, rose, vanilla, jasmine, licorice and honey. Always remember that you should not use regular charcoal pieces for smoking it.

Hookah smoking is becoming very popular nowadays. It is a status symbol among youths. The most striking feature of shisha is its different flavors that attract almost everyone. Along with its great taste, people also want to try it for its aroma. Before trying it, make sure that hookah smoking is completely different from cigar or cigarettes. In cigarette smoking, you only feel the taste of nicotine. But, smoking a hookah is all about feeling relaxed and taking pleasure of its flavors as well as aroma. This smoking experience is also a way of spending some quality time with your friends.   

Now, hookah smoking is one of the most important parts of social gatherings. You can easily find several online stores that offer variety of tobacco flavors along with hookah accessories. This makes your smoking experience more exciting and amazing.