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Hookah Setup Instructions - How to setup a Hookah


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1. The your hookah with as much water to submerge the stem in about one inch of water. More water may produce thicker smoke, but will be harder to draw. Less water while produce a slightly less thick smoke, but will be easier to pull or draw from.


hookah setup instructions

2. Make sure that the included rubber stem grommet is firmly placed onto the bottom of the hookah stem. If the grommet is loose, take off the grommet and wrap electrical tape directly onto the steel stem (under where the grommet would be) 2-3 times and place the rubber grommet back onto the stem. This is a trick widely used in the middle east.

After the grommet is on the stem, place the stem onto the glass base making sure there is a tight seal.

  hooka instructions
3. The charcoal tray can now be placed on the top of the hookah stem.   ashtray
4. Put your hookah bowl grommet on top of the stem and place the hookah bowl on top of the bowl grommet. Make sure you have a tight seal by lightly pressing down and twisting the bowl. Don't push to hard as the bowl can split at the bottom.   tobacco bowl
5. Insert the hose grommet(s) into the hose shat on the side of the hookah stem. Create a tight seat by pushing the hose into the stem while twisting.   hookah hose
6. Use the charcoal tongs to break apart a small amount of shisha tobacco and place it into the ceramic hookah bowl. Do not add more than a quarter inch of shisha into the bowl and do not overly pack it. Make sure sure there is good airflow through the shisha before lighting your coal.   shisha tobacco
7. Place a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side down, on top of the bowl and tightly seal the edges by wrapping the foil around the bowl.

Use a toothpick or simiar tool to puch holes in the foil. Create an evenly distributed pattern about about 80% of the top of the bowl.

beginner hookah guide


8. A) Quick-lighting charcoals. In a well ventilated area or outside, grab a charcoal disk with the charcoal tongs and light the charcoal with a lighter or other device. Let the charcoal spark all the way through before coming back inside.

B) Natural charcoals. Natural charcoal is usually fired by placing onto an electrical or gas stove. Electric coil stoves work best, because they have more surface area in which to be in contact with the coal.

charcoal tongs

charcoal stove

9. Both types of charcoal are ready to smoke when a light layer of grey ash begins to form around the charcoal.   hookah charcoal
10. Some people use a windscreen to eliminate the chance of the hookah coal falling and burning the floor and also to prevent charcoal and ash from blowing in the wind when smoking outside.    windscreen
11. Most hookahs have an air exchange valve which allows the smoker to blow air back into the hose in order to clear the smoke out of the base of the hookah. The steel bearing inside this air exchange valve blocks fresh air from entering the hookah while drawing on the hose. The steel bearing must be cleaned from time to time.  

hookah setup instructions