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Hookah pipes: The Effects of Hookah Smoking

Hookah is very famous since ancient times and it is said to be originated in India or Persia. Hookah pipe is generally a water pipe intended for smoking of tobacco. Often made of glass with two or more flexible stems drawing the water cooled smoke from the pipe for smokers, the hookahs also come in different flavors. Those who want to try different tastes can enjoy orange, apple, vanilla and many more.

Whether you smoke cigarette or hookah, you can’t stay away from the effects of hookah smoking and the related health disorders; both are highly toxic and dangerous for health. People sometimes feel that the filtered smoke of hookah pipe is not injurious to health but the fact is that the smoke puts bad effect on the health of the smoker. The modern human did a little alteration in the hookah and they use dark shisha leaves, molasses or honey, fruit pulp and glycerin. This mixture contained very little amount of nicotine and no tar. People often used to mix ice, milk, wine etc. to the water in the glass base in order to alter the taste of the hookah.

In ancient times it was smoked in groups and was a medium to simulate conversation and relaxation. The trend of hookah has now spread to all over the world and there are special hotels or restaurants for hookah. People often gather there to enjoy the flavored hookah and spend some time with friends. Have you ever wondered what people do at such kinds of restaurants? Let me tell you that people who need a break go to such restaurants, enjoy hookah and gambling. This is considered one of the best methods of get-together.

Every country has seen rapid increase in the demand of hookahs. Egyptian hookahs, Arab hookahs and there are other types of hookahs are famous among the consumers. In Arab countries, the hookah pipes used to the symbol of status and one can see different pictures of women as well as men posing with their hookah pipes.